Páteční meditace

22.04.2016 17:00


Learn to Meditate :

How people use and benefi­t from Meditation and Spiritual Values in their day to day lives. 

Weekly talks, workshops and presentations, starting and finishing with meditation. 

No previous experience necessary. All welcome.


About This Event :

Thirsday 24 March 2016, 18,00 -20,30

  • Be refreshed with these introductory lessons in meditation.
  • Make the journey within and discover the ‘real self’.
  • Experience the joy of silence, stillness and peace through a variety of meditation commentaries.
  • Share with like-minded people.

Offered as a free service to the community


For bookings and further information contact Rick on 602 225 967

Running 5-7:30pm nearly every Friday.